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LMS Route: Birmingham New Street to Tamworth

LMS Route: Nuneaton to Birmingham New Street

Bromford Bridge Station: mrbb441

Looking towards Bromford Bridge station's Midland signal box with the race course seen behind it

Looking towards Bromford Bridge station's Midland signal box with the race course seen behind it. The line to Derby was on the left with Washwood Heath Sidings to the right. The tracks which ran adjacent to the platforms were in fact the goods lines with the fast lines in the centre. The station had very basic facilities with the signal box sited on the down platform being the most imposing structure as the station was only used on race days when specials would call. The apparent lack of waiting rooms on the up platform indicates that the majority of passengers arrive from the Birmingham direction and therefore would leave the station immediately on arrival. However returning passengers waiting for Birmingham trains might require shelter whilst awaiting a train. However should there have been several hundred passengers the accommodation was clearly inadequate.

Stephen Hodge writes "under the photographers feet there was an exchange siding for the old 'Stewart and Lloyds' steel works (which became British Steel - Bromford Tube Works) at some time around the time of my visits in the 1960s. Stewart and Lloyds also possibly made lampposts at a site just the other side of Bromford Lane on the map as I recall seeing lampposts on wagons in the exchange sidings. I recalled seeing the Rolls Royce diesel 'Barabel' which arrived at Bromford 17th July 1967 from Corby (for more information see www.nvr.org.uk). There was at least one 0-4-0 saddle tank on the site, the name of which I cannot recall, and this was replaced or supplemented by WELLINGBORO’ No 3. Being too small for any other work other than permanent way work at Corby it was eventually transferred to the Bromford Bridge Tube Works in January 1967, see www.irsociety.co.uk. Stewart and Lloyds is long gone, but the isolated sidings were still in place until 2005-6 when they were lifted. The drivers of the saddle tank used to give trainspotters on the station platform rides in the cab up and down in the sidings".