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LMS Route: Evesham to Birmingham

Barnt Green: mrbg146a

Close up showing the pre-quadrupling junction with the Redditch branch beyond the end of the Birmingham to Bristol route's down platform

Close up of image 'mrbg146' shows the pre-quadrupling junction with the Redditch branch which is on the left beyond the Birmingham to Bristol route's down platform. On the left is an up refuge siding which was used to stable slow goods trains until express and local passenger services had passed them before being allowed to resume their journey. During peak periods goods trains could be kept in the refuge siding for several hours. The main station building is situated in the vee between the Birmingham to Bristol's down platform and the Redditch to Birmingham's up platform. The Birmingham to Bristol down platform's waiting room is on the right just before the main station building. Whilst the Birmingham to Bristol up platform's waiting room can just be seen on the left just beyond the footbridge which spanned both sets of lines. The barrow seen crossing the Gloucester line also continued on the right across the Redditch branch line. The turntable used by locomotives not working beyond Barnt Green would have been sited on the right before the main station building at approximately the position of the small trees.