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LMS Route: Evesham to Birmingham

Barnt Green: mrbg615b

Close up showing the Redditch down platform waiting room which was built after 1894 when the Redditch branch was doubled

Close up of image 'mrbg615' showing the brick built waiting room on the down Redditch platform which had been built sometime after 1894 when the Redditch branch was doubled for the first 350 yards and the down platform erected. To the left is the passenger footbridge and next to it an unknown timber framed structure. Its location, ornate frontage and the window on the side would suggest that it might have been some kind of passenger facility. It is thought that the timber structure was built at the same time as the new down platform whilst the brick built structure was a later addition. The existence of both structures is confirmed in another early twentieth century view in image 'mrbg622'. The lampposts seen in the photograph are gas lit.