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LMS Route: Nuneaton to Birmingham New Street

LMS Route: Birmingham New Street to Tamworth

Saltley Shed: mrsalt656a

Close up of the access roads from the main Derby to Birmingham line and the stores and offices located at the end of Saltley's No 2 shed

Close up of image 'mrsalt656' showing the head shunt at the far side of Saltley shed's yard opposite No 3 roundhouse which was used to reverse locomotives into their required stabling area. As Mike Green states in his comments to image 'mrsalt80', 'locomotives booked on to the shed when they first arrived were given instructions as to where to place the locomotive'. This was very important due to the large number of locomotives allocated to Saltley plus the need to stable visiting engines from other sheds. British Railways had 191 locomotives allocated to Saltley in 1954 with each locomotive needing to be allocated the next trip. This required each locomotive to be placed in a sequence which would ensure they were not trapped by other locomotives.