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LMS Route: Nuneaton to Birmingham New Street

LMS Route: Birmingham New Street to Tamworth

Saltley Shed: mrsalt656b

Close up showing Saltley Engine shed No 1 and No 2 which were located to the rear of No 3 shed and the Road Motor Repair Shop and store on the right

Close up of image 'mrsalt656' showing Saltley shed's 1950s layout showing Engine Shed No 3 with the Sand House on the corner and the Weigh Office in the centre and the Diesel Oil Tank at the top. Also shown are the main access and departure roads to the shed which could also access the mechanical coaling and ash plant for quicker disposal. The unusual shaped addition to the top left of the Staff Amenities Block was where the checker sat booking the locomotives off and on the shed as seen in image 'mrsalt80'. The liberal distribution of water columns was necessary because at the end of each shift the shed could get very busy with locomotives standing for sometime before being disposed. In front of the Engine Shed No 3 are the main stabling roads in front of all three of Saltley shed's roundhouses plus the two roads that provided direct access to No 3 and No 2 sheds. From the bottom right the lines were allocated as follows: two lines for stabling locomotives alongside the shed; three stabling roads in front of No 3 shed' one direct access road to No 3 shed; four stabling roads in front of No 3 shed; one road for fueling diesel shunters; and two lines that merged in to one to gain access to No 2 shed. The remaining lines provided access to the Derby to Birmingham running lines and/or to the coaling plant and ash plant.