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LMS Route: Birmingham New Street to Tamworth

LMS Route: Nuneaton to Birmingham New Street

Washwood Heath Sidings: washwoodheath_map

A 1909 map showing the Old Saltley works of Joseph Wright and Sons

This 1909 map shows the old Saltley works which in its convoluted life began the Metro Cammel history in the guise of "Joseph Wright and Sons, Railway Carriage and Wagon Builders and Contractors of Saltley Works, Birmingham". The subsequent history of the works, including its sale to the LNWR and subsequent repurchase and the building of the Metro Cammel works at Washwood in 1909, by Dave Millin can be read at here.

What is strange about this map, which is on Birmingham City's website, is the lack of sidings at Washwood Heath on the down side which was constructed by the MR in 1877. The Saltley Works are shown as would be expected of buildings constructed in the 1840s as is the connecting branch from the Aston-Stechford line built after the LNWR purchased Saltley "Old Works" in 1857 for building new carriages and repairs. It was sold in 1870 when all carriage building and repairs were concentrated at Wolverton.