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BR Period Locomotives: lnwrbns_br1820

Ex-Midland Railway 2P 4-4-0 No 40443 is seen standing  on the middle road between Platforms 7 and 8 at the West end of New Street

Ex-LMS 4MT 2-6-0 No M3010, an 'Ivatt Mogul', is seen departing the East end of Platform 7 with an empty stock working on 29th December 1948. Built at Horwich works in March 1947 No M3010 was eventually renumbered as No 43010 in March 1951 and it was to stay in service until December 1967 when it was retired from Workington shed to be scrapped in April 1968 by GH Campbell of Airdrie. It is interesting to note the very tight clearance to Queens Drive bridge compared to image 'lnwrbns_br1801' which shows the other side of the bridge. The reason is that the bridge was effectively in two parts with the nearest section to M3010 carrying not only Queens Drive but also it once carried part of the Great Train Shed as can be seen in image 'lnwrbns_str1862'. As can be seen the Great Train Shed was carried by the side wall and when the 'Midland Extension' was built the whole of the wall was replaced with effectively a steel girder.